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Propane is used in 48 million households as well as many businesses. What makes propane popular is what separates it from more conventional fuels, such as gasoline and diesel.

  • Reliable and Made in the U.S.- Almost all the propane used in the U.S. is produced domestically, which means every gallon you buy contributes to America's energy independence. Having a propane tank on your property gives you the ability to store an adequate supply that’s always ready for immediate use; you are not dependent on an underground pipeline.

  • Versatility – Propane can fuel just about any system, whether it’s inside your home or in your backyard.

  • Economical. Compared to other forms of energy, propane is a great value. Many modern propane appliances achieve efficiency ratings of 95% or higher. In most cases, converting to propane for home heat or water heating will save you money.

  • An ideal choice for many uses. Propane heats our homes and businesses, cooks our food, fuels our vehicles and powers farming equipment. Nearly 10 million U.S. households have propane installed and another 42 million regularly use propane for outdoor grilling.

  • Safety – The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) enforces strict rules about propane handling, so few accidents occur each year. Propane is also nontoxic so tanks can be safely installed underground.

  • Efficiency and Affordability -  Propane appliances typically reduce energy costs, delivering better value and comfort than electric heating sources.

  • Clean and Green – Propane emits far less greenhouse gases than most other energy sources.

  • Propane clothes dryers dry more quickly and with less static created than electric units, saving you time and money and reducing wear and tear on your wardrobe.

  • Propane tankless water heaters can achieve even greater efficiency – up to 98 percent.

  • Propane has always been a “Green” fuel, far ahead of today’s trend.

  • Propane is used on more than 660,000 farms for irrigation pumps, grain dryers, standby generators and other farm equipment. It is an essential fuel for crop drying, flame cultivation, fruit ripening, space and water heating and food refrigeration.




At Propane Plus, you are our top priority.

Our goal is to provide every customer with the

best service and value for their unique needs. 


We are local and family owned with a commitment to taking care of you

during any season, at any hour.


Annual price protection plans to suit your family needs. 


Our staff are trained and

certified through the Michigan

Propane Gas Association.

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