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Offering Propane and Refined Fuels

Propane Plus can service all tanks, perform leak tests and provides services

for your needs in any commercial and agricultural application.


From fueling your equipment, keeping your animals warm, drying grain or heating water, call us today to handle your needs.

Farm fuels are available to keep your equipment running at all times of the year as we all know farm work never stops.


Keeping an eye on the bottom line is an important part of the job. Fueling your farm with propane offers an energy-efficient, cost-effective, and flexible alternative to traditional sources. All that, and it’s a reliable, clean-burning fuel.  

Commercial Needs

We are the local source for your business requirements including propane and fuel, fork lift cylinders, space and water heating and bulk fuel needs. We can also supply everything you need for temporary heating solutions. 

Please call for a quote or more information.

We'd love to discuss how Propane Plus can fulfill your

commercial and agricultural needs.

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